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Few Interesting Growth Hacking Tips

Double Loop Referral Program – Dropbox reward users with more storage when they refer someone, while at the same time giving that new referred user more storage as well. This growth hack was the main reason behind Dropbox success.

Ask for Shares in Your Application – Add a message to the top of the interface to encourage social shares. “Help us spread the word by tweeting this message.” If you’ve built up a relationship with your user base and they like and trust you, they will be much more willing to help you.

‘Buy It Again’ buttons to increase repurchases by 8X – One key finding from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report was that e-commerce sites (e.g. groceries, deliveries) that were on product pages showing users the option to “Buy It Again” made it 8x more likely that they would buy that item when presented with that option.

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